Software For Contractors

We specialize in making the lives of contracting businesses easier by providing various online tools to keep everything unified, in one place, and cutting out all the pointless paper work. Whether your business is plumbing, electrical or construction, we have something for you!

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Photo & Document Upload Tool

Take pictures on your smartphone while on-site and directly upload and attach them to jobs.

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Timesheet & Vehicle Management

Keep track of when users have worked during the week, what vehicles have been used, including mileage, and what the cost of labour has been for a given job.

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Online Paperwork

Generate forms, certificates & much more in PDF format.

Attach them to jobs, download them, display them online or export them via email

Includes SMS & Email alerting.

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Service Call & Job Management

Raise new jobs in a back-end office interface

View & Edit jobs online, on-site and keep them updated through a mobile-optimised web interface.

See what & where your next job is through an online-diary interface. Keep track of when staff are available for jobs, unavailable, on holiday, and so on.

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Manage Your Account

Manage your users, customer records & Cytos Apps together in a simple-to-use online interface.

Configure properties to enrich your users and customer records to suit your individual buisness's needs.

Import your data via Excel Spreadsheet, XML or CSV (or we can import it for you).

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Get In Touch

Give us a call us on 01695 680007 for all enquiries.

Use Cytos on-site. Or in the office.

We have designed our apps with a two-sided approach in mind. Both staff working in the office and staff on-the-move can use our tools, which are designed to work seamlessley either on a PC or a mobile device.

Interact with and update your jobs and tasks online on a mobile-friendly interface, wherever you are, without having to waste time returning to the office.

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Generate Forms & Certificates online

Eliminate the need for needless paperwork and office visits by generating forms or certificates online, wherever you are. Use preset forms or let us design them for you, exactly as you need them to look and work.
Provide signatures via touch-screen, generate PDF's of your forms right then and there, alert users by email or SMS about various form-update events, and much more.

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Cytos is flexible and highly configurable.

Our software can be used by a range of industries, such as plumbing, electrical, construction, and much more. Manage your customer records, your jobs and your staff online and configure your apps so that they work your way, to your business's specific needs.

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